Talkable Referrals manages coupons for you automatically, you are not involved in this process at all post launch. Talkable generates single-use coupons and puts them into an appropriate discount list in your store. Coupons are only created on demand. Thus, you may not see any coupons right after launch, however they will appear right after a first friend claims their reward, so as the advocate.

Since Talkable cannot control limitations applied to coupons we recommend applying them within your Shopify store admin → Discounts → Talkable discount list → Settings. It is recommended to set a minimum order subtotal amount that would equal your AOV - the discount.

For example: your AOV is $100 and the discount is 20%. Minimum order subtotal amount should then be $80. This greatly saves your margins.

Note: do not limits coupons to new customers only as if the discount is the same for friend and advocate Talkable puts coupons into the same discount list within your Shopify store. As a result advocates may not be able to apply the coupon at checkout if they already purchased before.

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