Yes. Talkable provides you with two options:

  1. Widget: the referral campaign will be shown as a widget in the corner on every page and on the post-purchase where it appears as a popup with a close button.

  2. Embedded: it will only appear at pages/share and post-purchase as a popup with a close button.

Thus, if you don’t want to show the widget, just toggle the toolbar display off to disable the referral program. Go to Editor → campaign appearance → choose “Embedded” option. If you are not going to provide a link to the /pages/share anywhere, the embedded campaign won’t be accessible, thus only a referral popup on the order confirmation will be shown.

Note: disabling the widget will greatly decrease campaign visibility, so we suggest keeping the widget in the corner as it brings 70% more traffic compared to a standalone page. Footer navigation does not work. 

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