In case the app didn't fit your need and you want to uninstall it completely, these are the steps on how to do it all at once:

  1. Remove the Talkable app from the apps list

  2. Delete all discounts created with the app - Screenshot

  3. Navigate to Online Store -> Actions -> Edit code

  4. Delete {% include ‘talkable-partial’ %} from theme.liquid - Screenshot

  5. Delete talkable-partial.liquid, page.talkable.liquid and page.dashboard.talkable.liquid files - Screenshot

  6. Navigate to Overview - Pages and delete referral campaign pages

In most cases simply deleting the app is sufficient. However, Shopify does not allow us to remove theme-specific code snippets upon app deletion, which is why we posted this article for those who would like to remove all Talkable Referrals related code pieces from their Shopify theme.

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